The Magic of Wood. An Art Exhibit in Salt Lake City
Downtown, Utah, USA, 6 April - 5 May 2007

© 2007 International Institute of Anthropology
Contemporary Design & Art Gallery, 127 Main Street, Downtown, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Art
Director: Michael Melik. 127 S Main St, Salt Lake. Downtown. Tel.: (801) 364 0200. The art
exhibit features marvelous selected artworks, all of them for sell.

An opinion after the opening-reception: "The exhibit was spectacular. We were glad to see so
much talent. The wood works and the photographs were art well beyond just decoration.
Impressive!" (Kalina Galabova, Salt lake City, Utah).

The Bulgarian artist
Denitsa Moneva is one of the participants in this spectacular
presentation of  wood carving and modelling.  The Bulgarian society in Salt Lake
congratulated all artists and especially Denitsa during the opening-reception of the Magic of
wood (April 6th, 2007, Friday).

The art exhibit in Salt Lake Downtown represents a piece of the elite Salt Lake contemporary
The famous Salt Lake artist and art director Michael Melik
in front of his new artwork during the opening-reception
of the Magic of Wood.  
The Bulgarian artist Denitsa Moneva who lives in Salt
Lake and a part of the Bulgarian Society and Their
Friends in Utah who attended the opening-reception of
the Magic of wood.
Some of the Bulgarians in Utah who enjoyed the art exhibit and especially the art works of Denitsa Moneva and the
contact with her during the opening-reception of the Magic of wood:
Linda, her daughter and her mother, Margaritha, who
has just received her Green Card. Congratulations!
The Denitsa' Cat is really impressive.
Maria, a member of an International Essay-Contest
Committee that will select the best essay for the 170  
Behind Maria is an artwork by Denitsa.
Denitsa Moneva and Dr Lolita Nikolova in front of
one of the arkworks of the young Bulgarian artist
(up to the right on the wall).
The husband of Maria and Denitsa.
Maria and her husband. The daughter of Maria is a
student on the East Coast.
Kalina and Tom. Charming couple who contributes  
most wonderfully to the elite image of the Bulgarian
society in Utah. Kalina has a Green Card for her
extraordinary abilities.