10 artists 10 styles. Art Exhibit of 10 Utah artists in Downtown Salt
Lake City, Utah, USA, Sept 6th - Oct 5th 2007
© 2007 International Institute of Anthropology
Contemporary Design & Art Gallery, 127 Main Street, Downtown, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Art Director: Michael Melik.
127 S Main St, Salt Lake. Downtown. Tel.: (801) 364 000. The art exhibit features marvelous selected artworks, all of
them for sell.

10 artists 10 styles. 10 Utah artists, Sept 6th - Oct 5th
The Gallery was opened and welcomed visitors and special guests till late in the night on Sept 6th. As the photos show
below, the title of the Exhibit "10 artists 10 styles" completely covers the contents of the exhibit.

During the reception I was pleased to meet for the first time the charming young talent artists Michele Condrat and Peter
Nielsen (both at age 24) who graduated this year from the UofU and the Director of the Utah Arts Alliance, Derek E. Dyer.

Michele had a solo show last month and I went several times to the Gallery to have seen her "born from the sun forests"
that reminded me the impressionism but had something individual and unique that made them just the Michele's style.
Her pictures expire sunny feelings of a really stylish artist with deep understanding of the aesthetics. Fragile and
sensitive, Michele talks about her art as dedicated to the beauty young woman who not only know to do a good job, but
feels the art as her destiny.

Peter Nielsen is a great surprise. His picture "A Red Rose" is the one that everyone first mentions in the gallery.  You just
immediately want to know this guy. Charming, intelligent and smart, Peter would surprise you that he has not only
graduated from UVSL, but began to study psychology at BYU. At the UofU his major was graphic  illustration since the
courses included in the Program provided stronger education on the different technique of painting according to the
artist. The wooden frame was also done by Peter. Hopefully his new University will support our invitation Peter to come
next July in the Valley of the roses and especially in one of the few places where oil rose grows - Karlovo, Bulgaria,  to
show his art. Peter's Red rose is such a master piece that everybody would like to have it at home.

One of the pieces of art in the exhibit belongs to the Bulgarian artist
Denitsa Moneva (The cat) and reminds about the
past also excellent exhibit in the Contemporary Design & Art Gallery.

As in the previous exhibits, the new art show in Salt Lake Downtown represents piece of admirable Salt Lake
contemporary art.

Lolita Nikolova, PhD
Sept 6th, 2007
Peter Nielsen's roses. The gifted talent  
lives in Utah. Good luck, Peter! His website
Peter had done these drops like real!
Peter and his friends
With the feeling that at that moment I was
in Karlovo, Bulgaria (the Valley of the
Michele Condrat, another great new talent in
Utah. Her e-mail is
And some other photos from the art exhibit during the Reception on Sept 6th:
The Denitsa Moneva's Cat is again among the
good pieces of art in the Contemporary Design &
Art, Downtown SL.
These photos could win in a possible contest of the most weird nights in Downtown Salt Lake City (9.00 PM, Sept 6th). However,
it is now a tradition - every first Friday of the month the Gallery host two exhibits - one in the Michael Melik' space, and another in
the space of the
Utah Arts Alliance.
Thank you, Michael! To you and your wonderful wife for these
unrepeatable moments of beauty , friendship and quality art.
Derek E. Dyer, Executive Director of Utah Arts Alliance
with his fiancee and her charming son.