When the Car Windows Become Butterfly Wings
Art Exhibit of Tom Little in Salt Lake City Downtown, Utah, USA, July 2008

© 2007- 2008  International Institute of Anthropology
Contemporary Design & Art Gallery, 127 Main Street,
Downtown, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Art Director:
Michael Melik. 127 S Main St, Salt Lake. Downtown.
Tel.: (801) 364 0200. The art exhibit features
marvelous selected artworks, all of them for sell.
Some of the first guests of the exhibit of Tom Little opened on
Friday, July 11 in Salt Lake Downtown including
John Bell whose
art shows in California has been going very successful second
month, Mary,
Dr Lolita Nikolova, Vanina Harkova, Dr Mariana
The artist Tom Little with his wife, Dr Lolita Nikolova and
John Bell
Vanina Harkova with her
newest art work. Some of her
art works were donated by her
to the City Library in Karlovo,
Two gifted artits from Utah -
Tom Little and
Peter Nielsen
Peter had an accident, but
could not miss the reception.
The wife of Mike Melik