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Anthropological concepts
Anthropology of Everydayness Index

Anthropology of Salt Lake City

Cultural events of 2007 at IIA
Cultural events of 2008 at IIA
Anthropology of Salt Lake City 2007

Anthropology of the 21st Century   
Essay by Lolita Nikolova     
Articles in RPRP 9
Ups and Downs of Anthropology of the 21st Century
What do leaders in anthropology write about

Archaeology and anthropology at IIA: Links

American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Top archaeologists in the world

As People
Abstract of a  Presentation by Lolita Nikolova, Claire Smith and Heather Burke (WAC 6, Dublin, 2008)
Douglass Bailey
Eugen Comşa
Diana Gergova
Ian Hodder
Lolita Nikolova
Mehmet Ozdogan
Ernst Pernicka
Jak Yakar in Utah

Archaeology at IIA

Art in Prehistory
Best art in Prehistory
Prehistoric art

Art in Salt Lake City
The Gallery of Michael Mellik in Salt Lake Downtown
Zions Bank Annual Artists' Reception
January 2009
April 2009

Auctions of ancient finds
Prehistoric figurines

Bailey, Douglass
About Douglass Bailey
Back to the Prehistoric "Goddess"
Living Well Together? Edited by Douglass W. Bailey, Alasdair Whittle
and Daniela Hofmann
Top archaeologists of the world in 2009
Researchers on Balkan Prehistory in the USA
iTune lecture of Professor Douglas W. Bailey

Bakarno Gumno

The Balkans
The Balkans in Prehistory
Bibliography: The Balkans in Eurasian context
Bibliography: 2000-2005 (selected titles)
Prehistoric settlements in the Balkans
Theory of Balkan Prehistory
Webgraphy: the Balkans in Eurasian context (selected titles 2006-2007)

Balkan Museums' Webgraphy

Bell, John

Anthropology as a multidisciplinary science
Educational Psychology
Enculturation and Eurasian Prehistory
Selected Bibliography of Balkan Prehistory 92000-2005)
Selected bibliography on Eurasian Prehistory (2006-2007)
Gold in Eurasian Antiquity

Book-prize competitions
Modern Language Association

Books at amazon.com (Theory and Eurasian Prehistory)

Bozhkov, Vassil
Exhibit Brussel (2007)
Exhibit Moscow

Bulgarian Prehistory

Bulgarians in Utah

Bulgarians of the year in the USA

Bulgarians' success stories

Burial customs
Kortik Tepe

Cerny, David

Complex society
References to books and links

Comsa, Eugen
Anniversary Conference in Bucharest, Romania
RPRP 8: 85th Birth Anniversary of Eugen Comsa

Corruption in Society
Archaeology and culture

Croucher, Karina

Dimitrov, Bozhidar
Corruption in society    
Dubene-Balinov Gorun Affair   
Violence of the financial discipline at the National Museum of History  

Dobropoljana cemetery
Dobropoljana cemetery as a genealogical and archaeological record
Photodocumentation of the cemetery

Dubene-Balinov Gorun
Dubene-Balinov Gorun Archive

Duna Folk group, Salt Lake City

Elster, Ernestine
Researchers on Balkan Prehistory in the USA

External links
Most popular external links of IIA

Fernandez Crespo, Teresa

Gajdarska, Bisserka
Questions to Bisserka Gajdarska and comments on her book on Prehistory of Southeast Bulgaria
Social Fraud in archaeology

Intro IIA website
Bulgarian genealogy
Dobropoljana cemetery (Croatia)
Ellis Island updates

Gergova, Diana

Back to the prehistoric Goddess

Webgraphy (books and websites)

Grand Hotel America

Granovetter, Mark

Grants and fellowships

Hodder, Ian
Archaeologists as People
The 60th Birth Anniversary
Top archaeologists of the world in 2009

Homepage of the IIA
Home page Intro
Home page Index

Household archaeology
Household archaeology undressed
International Conference at the University of Utah (2009)

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iTune lectures
Crossroads of Earth Resources and Society
Geography of World Cultures
Human emotions



Karlovo, Bulgaria
International Symposium 1995
International Symposium 2001
International Symposium 2002

Prehistoric Lerna        

Levski, Vassil
Essay Contest 170th Birth Anniversary of Vassil Levski: Index
Vassil Levski 19th Fenruary
Vassil Levski 1837-1873

Library at International Institute of Anthropology

Lincoln, Abraham
200th Birth Anniversary (1809-2009)
200th Birth Anniversary (1809-2009) (in Bulgarian)

Marler, Joan     
Editor of the Catalog "The Danube Script"    

Milicic, Bojka

Nikolov, Vassil         
Corruption in society
Dubene-Balinov Gorun Affair
About the so-called earliest salt producing center in Europe

Nikolova, Lolita
Archaeologists as People: Lolita Nikolova about herself
Articles at Journey.bg
Bibliography: Enculturation and Prehistory of Eurasia
Catalogue of Balkan Prehistoric sites
Essay: On the Chaning face of the 21st Century Anthropology
Essay: Douglass Bailey
Essay: Ernts Pernicka
Essay: Mehmet Ozdogan
General periodization and chronological scheme of the Prehistoric Balkans
Publications 1992-2003
Publications 2003-2008

Ozdogan, Mehmet

at the International Institute of Anthropology

Pernicka, Ernst
About Ernst Pernicka
Top archaeologists of the world in 2009

Prehistory of Eurasia  
Bibliography by Lolita Nikolova
Majkop culture
Living Well Together? Edited by Douglass W. Bailey, Alasdair Whittle and Daniela Hofmann
Hassuna and the Balkans
Mariupol Chronology
Theory of Balkan Prehistory

Wilhelm Wundt (1832-1920) Genealogy

Romney, Mitt
in Bulgarian

Russian Festival in Salt Lake City

Reports of Prehistoric Research Projects. The periodical of International Institute of Anthropology
Homepage with links
RPRP 5 contents
RPRP 8 online. The 85th Birth Anniversary of Eugen Comsa
RPRP 9. The 60th Birth Anniversary of Ian Hodder. Table of Contents with links.

Salt Lake City
Anthropology of Salt Lake City
Cultural event of 2009

Scholar fraud in archaeology
abstract and case studies

Silk Road    
The Eurasian Silk Road: References and Links

Skorchev, Rumen

Strickland, Margaret

Teodorova, Svetla

Internal and External links

Prehistory and Prehistories
Theory of Balkan Prehistory

Tringham, Ruth
Favorite of the IIA
Researchers on Balkan Prehistory in the USA

Yakar, Jak
Jak Yakar at the University of Utah
Jak Yakar at Belvedere

Conference at the University of Utah  (2009)


bibliography on Balkan Prehistory in Eurasian context
and humanistic society   
References and links
Web Updates

Wallace, Anthony FC

Who saves the archaeological heritage
abstract and references

Wundt, Wilhelm (1832-1920)

Zakin, Andrea
Article about Children's Education
Interview with Andrea Zakin by Lolita Nikolova