Life as an Archaeology Novel

There were several occasions when I
had a chance to have met Professor
Özdoğan in 1990s - Budja's seminar in
Ljubljana, Aşağı Pinar excavations,
Nesseber's Symposium, etc. We always
talked about archaeology. Mehmet
Özdoğan had demonstrated such a
good and deep knowledge on the
Bulgarian Prehistory that for sure it was
enough for a profound book. But he
prefers to write about his excavations -
from eastern Turkey to European
Turkey, and always like he had been
communicating directly with the past,
understanding the prehistoric people
who in turn opened in some cases only
for him  their secrets.
Today we cannot write about Prehistoric
Turkey without references to Mehmet's
contributions. Very often references to
M Özdoğan occupy more than open
page in our bibliographies (link e.g.
Nikolova's) and they are always in fact
selected, and always rereadable with
great pleasure, because we feel not the
ink but the heart of the archaeologist
Mehmet Özdoğan embodied in the text
who has dedicated his life to
Archaeology. In turn, today Mehmet is
for all his friends and beyond them one
of the greatest archaeologists of
Eurasia on the bridge of late 20th and
early 21st centuries.
All fans of Mehmet and first readers can
just enjoy right now his
Hypothetical Approaches and Realities:
Research Strategies in Defining Space
and Context
Archaeologists as people
Mehmet Özdoğan
Aşağı Pinar excavations with Hermann Parzinger and
Reinder Neef (2006)
Aşağı Pinar open air museum (2006)
Aşağı Pinar excavation team (2006)
Aşağı Pinar (2006)
Mehmet Özdoğan with a frog (2005)