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Miss Nelly CONEWAY
Category: Author
Nominated by Dr Kurt Lehovec, Professor Emeritus USC, Los Angelis, California:

With all my heart I would like to suggest Miss Nelly Coneway for the high honors. I have known her for almost ten years.
She is an amazing, hard working and a very, very talented woman. She deserves to be nominated. For all these years in
the US she accomplished so much and she is a real example for other Bulgarian immigrants. Miss Coneway had
published five books in America, 4 of them are in Bulgarian language and one is in English (I've read it and I love it!).
Miss Coneway is a journalist and a yoga teacher. She travels the world teaching and healing people. Her beautiful
articles can be found in the Bulgarian publication all over the world - 'Bulgaria Now", the largest bg newspaper in the US
(published in Chicago), 'Nedelnik' (published in New York), 'Paris news' (published in Paris), 'Budilnik' (published in
London), 'Trud' (the largest newspaper in Bulgaria), etc.

Nelly's web site is

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