PsychoLogy: the Student's aSsignMents and Notes
Since April 2009, I have been a student in Marriage and Family Therapy at the Argosy University, Draper, Utah. Although at age of 50, with
PhD in Prehistory, I have been feeling that the new field of education helps me not only to systematize my experience and previous readings,
but better to motivate myself as a humanist in this society.
I began this website when had been working on the assignment "Children and violence". This assignment first made me feel that I am on
the right place. A year ago when I organized a session  together with my colleague Cristian Schuster on sexual reproduction in Prehistory
the Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeology), I remember that working on this project made me think about the children
pornography and how the positive values have been transforming in devastating social practices in our society. And now for my assignment
for the course of Human Development (teacher Dr. Jeff Jackson) I read "
Joint Statement on the Impact of Entertainment Violence on
Children Congressional Public Health Summit (July 26, 2000)" (republished at
The assignment is about what we can do to improve children's television viewing. At first view the answer is very simple: we need to improve
those, who made the children's program. But beyond this answer is a whole complex of interrelated goals, means, ideals, motivations,
ideals and social practices that makes our society  and our living a controversial challenge.

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Review: Victoria D. Burgess. Protect children from sexual abuse. A guide for: Parents, teachers, law enforcement, anyone else. Salt Lake City. 63 p.
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