Reports of Prehistoric Research Projects
Last updated: 2-12-10
Reports of Prehistoric Research Projects is a scientific periodical of the International Institute
of Anthropology. We publish innovative and fundamental contributions to the Prehistory of
Eurasia and to the development of a chase and virtuous global civil society trying to find some it
roots in Antiquity.

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vol. 8 (2008): online
Eurasian Prehistoric Studies. The 85th Birth Anniversary of Eugen Comsa, complied and edited
by Lolita Nikolova and Alexandra Comsa
articles by
I.B. Sapozhnikov and G.V. Sapozhnikova (in Russian), Penka Todorova (in Bulgarian)

Vol. 9 (2010)
Approach to Enculturation in Prehistory and in Present. The 60th Birth Anniversary of Ian
Hodder (online).

vol. 6-7, link (2004-2005),
Vol. 5, 2001 (2002), Material Evidence and Cultural Pattern in Prehistory
Contents and links to booksellers
Vol. 4 (2000) Analyzing the Bronze Age
Vol. 3 (2000) The LBA Cremation Graveyard of Orsoya by Alexander Bonev, and The Yunatsite
Culture: Periodization, Chronology and Synchronizations by Lolita Nikolova
Vol. 1-2 (1995-1996) Early Bronze Settlement Patterns in the Balkans (ca. 3500 - 2000 BC,
Calibrated Dates), compiled and edited by Lolita Nikolova
Sample publications:
Lolita Nikolova 2005
1, 2
Marco Merlini 2005 1
Paolo Biagi et al. 1-2
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