Reports of Prehistoric Research Projects 6-7, 2005
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Part 1
Approach to Prehistory of the Western Pontic Region


Vinca  – The Third Glance (Excavations 1998-2002) by Nenad N. Tasic   (.
Some results of the Investigations of Hotnitsa Tell in 2001 by Stefan Chokhadzhiev and Alexander Chokhadzhiev  (.

The Prehistoric Settlement of Kartal (Orlovka): Preliminary Information on the Excavations in  2001-2002 by Igor Bruyako, Igor
Manzura and Leonid Subbotin (.


New Observations on the Radiocarbon Chronology of the Starcevo-Cris and Körös Cultures by Paolo Biagi and Michela Spataro (.

Rapid Rivers and Slow Seas? New Data for the Radiocarbon Chronology of the Balkan Peninsula by Paolo Biagi, Stephen Shennan and
Michela Spataro (.

The Proto-Bronze Age Cemetery at Durankulak: A Look from the East by Igor Manzura (.
pdf) (illustrations)

The Pit Grave Culture as an Archaeological Phenomenon by Svetlana Ivanova                     

Social and Symbolic Archaeology

The “Danube Script” and the Gradešnica Platter (A Semiotic Study Based on Most Recent Autopsy of
the Bulgarian Item) by Marco Merlini  (

Social Changes and Cultural Interactions in Later Balkan Prehistory  (Later Fifth and Fourth  Millennia Cal BCE) by Lolita Nikolova  (.

Part 2
Anthropological Theory and Education


An Overview of Foraging Theory - Models and Mechanics by Jude Higgins
Approach  to Anthropology of Everydayness: Symbols in the Prehistopric Enculturation Process  by Lolita Nikolova                  

Genealogy asa Subfield of Anthropology by Lolita Nikolova  (
Discussion and Review

The Myth of Universal Patriarchy: A Critical Response to Cynthia Eller’s “Myth of Matriarchal Prehistory”  by Joan Marler

Material, Virtual and Temporal Compositions: On the Relationships between Objects. Papers from a session held at the European
Association of Archaeologists. Fifth Annual Meeting in Bournemouth 1999,  edited by Dragos Gheorghiu. BAR International Series 953.
BAR. Oxford. 2001. 95 p. (text and illustrations).                                                            

Why Do We Need Traditions?

Plumb, Straight and Square: Traditions and Culture of Building by Nathan Hampton (Salt Lake City, Utah).-Why We Do Need Traditions
by Iris Hitova (Hungary).- Tradition by Daniel Loncar and Suzana Cule (Croatia).-The Importance of Religious Traditions in Haitian
Culture by Brian Mecham (Salt Lake City, Utah).- Our Weakest Link by Adam Wilkins (Salt Lake City,


A Brief Description of the Vadastra Project (2000-2002) by Dragos Gheorghiu                                                 
Student Anthropology Day, 4  April 2005, Salt Lake City, Utah                                  
Compiled and Edited by Lolita Nikolova, John Fritz and Jude Higgins