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Archaeology and cultural anthropology

Kinship Studies, Symbolic Thought, and Prehistory in the 21st Century Anthropology  by Bojka Milicic                           
Enculturation and Prehistory by Lolita Nikolova
Prehistory and Prehistories

The Use of Fire in Neo-Eneolithic Mass Graves: Definition, Attempt of Interpretation and Differential Diagnosis (Abstract)
by Teresa Fernández Crespo

Neolithic Settlements on Balkan. A Comparative Study between Durankulak and Sitagroi. M.A. Thesis. Uppsala University.
Department of Classical Archaeology and Ancient History (Advisor: Gullög Norquist) by Christina Näslund (
.pdf, original text,
without any editing)

Metacognition and the Use of Inner Speech in Children’s Thinking: A Tool Teachers Can Use (
Abstract) (.pdf file from JEHD
where the article was published for the first time) by Andrea Zakin

Featured author: Stella Souvatzi, A Student of Ian Hodder

Short Academic Biography by the Editors
Selected publications
Response to the Editors’  Invitation: “A Social Archaeology of Households in Neolithic Greece” Presented by the Author
by Stella Souvatzi                
Back to Household in Prehistory: The Souvatzi’s Social Archaeology and the Anthropology of Everydayness
by Lolita Nikolova                                   

New Research Project
Being in the World: Perceptions of the Body and Identity from the Earliest Villages to State Societies        
by Karina Croucher                                 

New Favorite of International Institute of Anthropology

Ian Hodder by Lolita Nikolova and Stella Souvatzi

Anthropology of Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City Anthropology: How People Make Culture Global
John Bell (.pdf file from RPRP 9)
Craig Miller  [Journey.bg)
Jak Yakar   [
Peter Nielson [
Michel Phipps [
Michele McLaughlin [
Margareth Strickland [
Wendy Winger: About Her Prize Winning Halloween Costume (2007) and Herself  
New York Voices [website]

Anthropology and Childhood    

Interview with Andrea Zakin                   

Approach to Enculturation in Prehistory and in Present
The 60th Birth Anniversary of Ian Hodder

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Reports of Prehistoric Research Projects 9 (2009)
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