A ritual house for the youth
separated from their
families (age 7-17).
Sambia male society
Sambia ritualized social practices
Bridging Prehistory, Traditional and Contemporary Rituals and Habits: Sambia
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Papua New Guinea, by Shirley Oliver-Miller. International Encyclopedia of Sexuality.
According to the Sambian people of the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea, a
young boy must be fed women’s milk in order to grow until he approaches puberty,
when the men of the village must rescue him from the society of women and feed him
men’s milk (semen).
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Comment: A broad academic overview of different pattern of sexuality in Papua New
Guinea. There are also references and suggested readings.

Rituals of Manhood. Male Initiation in Papua New Guinea, by Gilbert Herdt
      Reviews: 1,

Anthropology and Sexual Morality. A Theoretical Investigation, by Carles Salazar (pp.
13-21: Sex in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea)
p. 21: Only clear conclusion to be drawn is that sexuality, due to its universal presence,
must be, or must have its origin in, something pre-cultural or simply non-cultural.
p. 178: We do not discovery the meaning that rule over our social life, we simply live
them, we are born and grown into them, they are 'natural' to us.
Comment: I believe both concepts are very controversial since sexuality is a cultural and
social behavior (1) and the social life has been changing continuously because we
always search for the meaning of the social life and even the reproducing of one and
the same pattern is selective and the pattern applies to different social contexts that
require cognitive perception.

Guardians of the Flutes (info about the video)

Sambia ritual
Comment: Text and sound (Song Sepik Flutes Kanengara). The homosexual
relationship have been described as a 10 year initiation. Unknown author.

The making of man

Essay by Shinichi Murota
... I played basketball in junior high school and rugby football in high school, both in an
all-male team. Once you get in a team, there is always a small society oriented by
senior students. Basically senior students have all the power and privilege in a team.
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Comment: The essay is based on author's understanding that the Samoa ritual
promotes the idea of hierarchy in the men group power. It is missing the critical
understanding of  abnormality described for the some habits in his sport team while
direct analogies had been made by archaic rituals reproduced generation by
generation rather different function and meaning.    
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