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Within the last 30 years the basic research of Vassil Nikolov has been focused on Early Neolithic and Late Neolithic of the Balkans and Anatolia resulted in outstanding scholar contributions to the problems of Neolithization of the Balkans, the Early Neolithic pottery as a symbolic system for communication, as well as on the periodization, chronology and synchronizations of the Balkan Neolithic cultures and some other thematic studies on Neolithic and later prehistoric periods.

Vassil Nikolov has directed (alone or as a member of team) some of the most significant prehistoric excavations in the Balkans - Karanovo, Drama, Kovachevo, Kapitan Dimitrievo, etc. Presently he is a Director of the Institute of Archaeology with Museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria. The outstanding Bulgarian scholar authored several monographs and numerous articles in peer-reviewed periodicals and collected books published in Bulgarian, German, English, Japan etc. In 2002 he was a special academic guest of the Karlovo International Workshop
"Early Symbolic Systems for Communication in Southeast Europe".

In April 2005 Professor Nikolov will be an academic guest of the Salt Lake Community College (Fine Arts and Lectures Grant) and International Institute of Anthropology, Salt Lake City, Utah, and University of Berkeley, Berkeley, California, USA. (
Abstract of his lecture on April 4, 2005 at Salt Lake Community College).


Later Prehistory; Neolithic, Chalcolithic & Early Bronze Age; Southeast and Central Europe & Anatolia


Hab.Dr. Institute of Archaeology with Museum - Bulgarian Academy of

Ph.D. Institute of Archaeology with Museum - Bulgarian Academy of

M.A. Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski


Courses in Archaeology and Prehistory

Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. - St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo.- New Bulgarian University, Sofia.- National Academy of Arts, Sofia.- University of Salzburg (guest professor, 1995, 1999).-

Academic guest lectures

Delivered at the universities in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), St., Petersburg (Russia), Heidelberg, Frankfurt, Halle, Würzburg and Saarbrücken (Germany),
Zalzburg (Austria), Paris (France), Tokyo (Japan) and Athens (Greece)


Austrian Archaeological Institute, Vienna
Center for Black Sea Archaeology, Halle, Germany
International Union of Pre- and Protohistoric Sciences
Balkanologic Commission of the Academy of Sciences in Heidelberg
Humboldtean Union in Bulgaria


Tell Karanovo, South Bulgaria (1987-2004)
Tell Kapitan Dimitrievo, South Bulgaria (1998-2004)
Kovachevo, Southwest Bulgaria (1986-2004)
Lyubimets, South Bulgaria (2000)
Pomoštica, Northeast Bulgaria (1995-1996)
Glufishevo, South Bulgaria (1994)
Tell Konyovo, South Bulgaria (1994)
Slatina-Sofia, West Bulgaria (1985-2004)
Eleshnitsa, Southwest Bulgaria (1983-1985)
Sapareva Banya, Southwest Bulgaria (1977-1983)


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Tell Kapitan Dimitrievo. A ritual pit, Early Neolithic.
Tell Karanovo. Austrian students, excavating an early Bronze Age feature
Tell Karanovo. An oven, Early Bronze Age
Tell Karanovo. An Early Bronze Age infant burial under a house floor
Tell Krun. An Early Bronze Age infant burial
New prehistoric discoveries in Thrace
After creating this page we learned that in fact Vassil Nikolov is a leader in the development of corruption in the Bulgarian archaeology. See Corruption in archaeology