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Tell Kapitan Dimitrievo. A ritual pit, Early Neolithic.
Tell Karanovo. Austrian students, excavating an early Bronze Age feature
Tell Karanovo. An oven, Early Bronze Age
Tell Karanovo. An Early Bronze Age infant burial under a house floor
Tell Krun. An Early Bronze Age infant burial
Salt Lake City, Utah. April 4, 2005. Lecture at the Salt Lake Community College. International Institute of Anthropology in collaboration with Fine Art and Lectures' Grant Committee, SLCC.

New prehistoric discoveries in Thrace

Vassil Nikolov

Institute of Archaeology with Museum
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
2 Saborna St., BG-1000 Sofia
Tel./Fax: (00359 2) 988 24 05


Despite for the last few years the excavations of prehistoric sites in Bulgaria have not been so intensive, they yielded essential new data.

In my presentation I will show some important results of newly discovered  settlements and tumuli from Upper Thracian valley dating back to the Neolithic, Copper Age and Early Bronze Age (the end of the seventh to the end of the third millennium cal BC) including:

Tell Karanovo, near Nova Zagora. A two-story house from Late Neolithic and the excavations of the Early Bronze Age layer;
Tell Kapitan Dimitrievo, near Peshtera. A house with a ritual pit, Early Neolithic and a two-story house, Late Neolithic;
Tell Krun, near Kazanlak. A Late Neolithic site. A large house from Early Bronze Age;
The Neolithic site at
Lyubimets. Selected pottery, figurines, and specific ritual artifacts;
The Neolithic site at
Rupkite, near Chirpan. Buildings and selected pottery, Late Neolithic;
The Neolithic site at
Vratitsa, near Aytos. Buildings and pottery, Late Neolithic;
Tell Yunatsite, near Pazardzhik. Buildings, Late Copper Age;
Northern Thrace. A destroyed cemetery with golden artifacts, Early Bronze Age;
The tumulus near
Drazhevo, Yambol area. Early Bronze Age;
Tumuli in the Maritsa-Iztok power plant complex, Early Bronze Age.

Comment: In this abstract submitted by Vassil Nikolov the Early Brozne Age cemetery discovered near Dubene is mentioned as Northern Thrace. It is in  fact the cemetery of the population of Dubene-Sarovka, a settlement excavated since 1992 by the host in Salt Lake City (see also
Asking for your opinion).