Vassil Levski (1837-1873) is in our hearts
19 February 2007.134 years of the hanging of Vassil Levski.
Photos made by Mr  Angel Radilov and submitted ti the IIA by Mr Georgi
Chunchukov (Thank you for the photos!)
Sadly, on 19 Februar 2007, one of the architects of the Brussels scandal, Bozhidar
Dimitrov (the Director of the National Museum of History) talked in front of the
monument of Vassil Levski showing how fragile is the democracy in our country and
how we need to be cautious about it. Similarly to Alexander Lilov during the regime of
Todor Zhivkov,  the secret agent Bozhidar Dimitrov who entered the Vatican as a scholar
years ago, playing the role of an author and scholar, is a crown of the Stanishev's
non-popular regime characterized by a huge corruption, slanders and falsifications
against honest people. He is a symbol of this regime since the
Dubene-Balinov Gorun
affair shows that the National Museum of History has been involved in a very strange
archaeological practices. B Dimitrov is the one who also registered
the finds of Vassil
Bozhkov in the National Museum of History.
Emil Kabaivanov, The Mayor of Karlovo: On 19 February the death and
the birth gathered together in the immortality. Bulgaria lost its greatest
son but got a national hero. (Karlovo, 19 February 2007) (
The speech of Velislava Dureva (Велислава Дърева)
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