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Claire Smith was named Archaeologist of the World (2008) for the promoted by her topic Archaeologists as People
She was reelected for the President of WAC at WAC 6 in Dublin, 29th June - 4th July 2008
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How can we help WAC to become the largest organization of archaeologists in the world?

1. Have always time to search for new members
2. Donation efforts
3. Building websites about WAC
4. Helping to the development of the WAC official website where we need to see for members:

     1.        Educational videos submitted by members (in English and in Spanish)
     2.        Courses in English and in Spanish (different levels) with archaeology profiles.
     3.        Message boards in different languages
     4.        New archaeological discoveries (for members and free)
     5.        Data-bank for jobs
     6.        Resumes of archaeologists searching for jobs
     7.        Information about field schools
     8.        Information about Conferences
     9.        Children and archaeology (for members and free)
     10.        Education in archaeology (for members and free)
     11.        Electronic bibliographies.
     12.        Courses “New in archaeology” submitted by members
     13.        Lectures submitted by members
     14.        Electronic library.
     15.        Essays on archaeologists as people.
     16.        Alive Conference space

Links to website about WAC at IIA:

Extended abstract of the Presentation Archaeologist as People by Lolita Nikolova, Claire Smith and Heather Burke

The Sixth World Archaeological Congress, Dublin, 29th - 4th July 2008

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    Three Bulgarian Women-archaeologists at the Sixth World Archaeological Congress by Lolita Nikolova
Old Wine in New Bottles: Session at WAC 6, Dublin, Ireland, 2008
    Archaeologists as People. Presentation by Lolita Nikolova, Claire Smith and Heather Burke
     What we need to do for WAC

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