Key words: sustainable culture, world culture, global culture, art, science, culture, entertainment,
Bulgaria, genealogy, society, archaeology, anthropology, education, law, legal system, media, ethics,
prehistory, theory, academic life, new media. Current project: Sustainable culture and global society
American-Bulgarian Artshows
October-December 2014
Plovdiv and Karlovo, BULGARIA
New artshow in Karlovo, Bulgaria, Dec 2-13 at City Art
Gallery (
The global world can be
the world of global  
sustainable culture if the
humanity holds the
peace and high values in
way not to allow the
terrorism of any form to
break the very nature of
human civilization.
Unfortunately, it is such
a difficult mission ....
difficult but not
L. Nikolova
Call for Bulgarians of 2015 in the USA: please contact to submit nominations for Bulgarians of the
2015 in the USA at the International Institute of Anthropology based on extraordinary achievements in 2014 in all fields of life:
support of Bulgarian democracy, best achievements in art, social life, business; best mother, best father, best child; sport
achievements, etc.
Dr Lolita Nikolova at the Bulgarian TV show "Chas po
Bulgaria" (An Hour on Bulgaria) with Dr Plamen Pavlov, 24
October 2014, Sofia, at 9 p.m. Direct.
Topic: Genealogy and Cultural Values. Positive responds
by the viewers with important questions on Bulgarian
genealogy, Salt Lake City and the Mormon religion.
the global
impact of the social
media on society.
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website of
Daniel Miller - one
of the most recognized global
anthropologists and
archaeologists today

Call for art entries
New American-Bulgarian initiative:
The City Library, Sofia, Bulgaria
October 2016:
Lecture by Lolita Nikolova, PhD:
Education and Sustainable
Culture: Bridging the American
and Bulgarian Education as
Global Partners
14-30 Oct 2016. Artshow:  Empathy in three
generations of artists (Peter Nikolov, Daniel
and Lolita)
Ivan Russev (Bulgaria).  Artwork at Zagreb
Gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. 5 March - 9 April
2015 artshow: Pieces of Light.
Excavation by Stefan Chohadzhiev in Bulgaria  (94
Timeline photos at Facebook''s posted by the
Bulgarian archaeologist on 24 July 2015).
Bulgarians in Utah, USA:
Denitsa Moneva.
Iconostasis at St Paul
and Peter Orthodox
Church in Salt Lake City,
Utah, USA.
A great work of Denitsa
Moneva, Congrats! It had
taken her 6 months to
complete the project.
It is still summer in Utah - hot, romantic and with
homeless people in the streets as never before!  La
Esperanza pearl by Nicolas de Angelis is an
invitation for  a dance not to forget the problems, but
to make them resolvable.
Oktoberfest 2015 at
9/11 and all victims of
terrorism remembered!