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Anthropology, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Categories and winners
The list below includes the names of Bulgarians of 2006 in the USA for best
achievements in different categories - science, technology, education, art,
music, everyday life, sport etc. In principal, all nominated Bulgarians have also
essential  contributions to development of the Bulgarian culture in the USA.

The nominations were submitted by e-mails, phone calls and after  special
meetings of Bulgarian societies in the USA. Full documentation is available
from the administration of the International Institute of Anthropology. We
responded to all e-mails, so if you did not receive a reply e-mail, that means  
your communication failed.

The nominated and the winners in the different categories  will receive
certificates from the International Institute of Anthropology, while special
prizes will be awarded at the World Bulgarian Convention-Fest on 16-18 May
2008 in Salt lake City, Utah, for consecutive nominations (2006-2007),
extraordinary, charity and original achievements and the Bulgarians of the

Thanks you to all who participated in 2006 nominations, and

Congratulations to the winners! We are all proud of you!

Science, technology and social life

Professor Boyan Dimitrov (Michigan) (1, 2,)

Technology and Innovations
Krasimir D Petkov, Massachusetts (1, 2, 3)

Professor Nikola Charakchiev, Illinois (1)

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Assoc. Professor Peter Velikov (Texas) (1)

Oncology and Pathology
Professor Konstantin Christov Tselkov, Illinois

Author of an original theory
Dr. Tony Pantev, Mathematics (Pennsylvania) (1)

Business and social life

Immigration law
Sofia Zneimer, Illinois (1)

Family law
Tsvetelina Boynovka, Illinois

TV communications
Orlin Mirchev, Illinois

Real estate
Dimitar Petkov, Illinois

Real estate and education
Stoyan Stoev, Illinois

Software technologies
Dimitur Chalukov, Illinois

Technologies for Real Estate business
Inna Todorova, Illinois

Dr Violeta Simov, internal diseases, Illinois

Business and charity
Shefket Chapadzhiev, Illinois

Business, charity and social communication
Petranka Stamatova, Illinois (1)

Tomoslav Georgiev, Illinois

Tourism and social communication
Iliana Georgieva, Michigan

Travel agent
Maria Jeliazkova, Florida (1)

Society and education

Most influential Bulgarian politic
Elena Poptodorova, DC (1)

Education for children
Лили Паслиева, Illinois (1)

Emil Lazarov, Illinois, the founder of

Violeta Jelyazkova, Massachusetts (1)

Web design
Ivo Kostov, Illinois (1)

Female teacher
Boyanka Ivanova, Illinois

American-Bulgarian interactions
Dinko Dinov, a founder of Bulgarian-American Association Inc. Chicago (1)
Kalina Gulubova, co-founder of the Utah Friends of Bulgaria Club (2006), Salt
Lake City, Utah

Literature, journalism and social life

Nelly Coneway (1) (2)

Rajna Nedyalkova, Illinois (1)

Journalist and editor
Mariela Zheleva, Illinois (1)

Female journalist
Anelia Petrova, Michigan

Male journalist
Kliment Velichkov, Illinois

Art performance and education

Art performance
Diana Cholakova, Michigan (puppet-show and children art education)

Kina Bugovska, Illinois (modern art and art education) (1)

Mariana and Krasimir Marinovi, Illinois (A Legend About the Bread, Chicago

Artistic design
Dessislava Price, Utah

Classical Music

Conductor and most successful Bulgarian for 2006
Kiril Tarpov, New York (1)

Angelina Pashmakova, Michigan

Associate Professor Petya Bugovska, Illinois

Pop music

Rock music
Mike Avramov, Michigan


Marian Dimitrov, Illinois

Team coach
Krassimir Ivanov-Kunata, Illinois (1)

Individual coach
Dimitre Guerguiev, Illinois (1)

Everyday life

Motivated family
Nevena and Georg Mikhajlov, the founders of Mati Bolgaria in Michigan

Charming family
Daniela and Velislav Nachevi, Michigan

Hospitality family
Stoyan Kovachev's family, Illinois (1)

Consistent charity
Dragitsa and Kosta Dimevski, Michigan

Applied psychology and astrology
Margarita Ivanova, Illinois

Complete professional and social achievement
Lolita Nikolova, PhD, Utah (1)

Other nominated

Yordan Ivanov, New Orleans, was nominated for the best actor. We could not
find an Internet site for this Bulgarian and will keep the nomination open until
we receive more detailed information.

Special certificates of the International
Institute of Anthropology

Most popular Bulgarian Americans world-wide

Boyan Dimitrov and Diana Cholakova, Michigan, nominated by the International
Institute of Anthropology for the Salt Lake prize Bulgarians of the world (World
BG Convention-Fest 2008)

Most popular Bulgarian journalists in the USA

Anelia Petrova, Michigan, and Kliment Velichkov, Illinois, nominated by the
International Institute of Anthropology for the Salt Lake prize Bulgarians of the
world (World BG Convention-Fest 2008)

Most popular American-Bulgarian association worldwide

American-Bulgarian Associations Inc., Chicago, Illinois, nominated by the
International Institute of Anthropology for the Salt Lake prize Bulgarian
International associations of the world (World BG Convention-Fest 2008)


International Institute of Anthropology is grateful to all who distributed the
information for the Nominations of the Bulgarians of 2006 in the USA:
Karlovska tribuna, etc.

and who participated with their individual or group votes:

Hrisimir Hristov, Galina Nedyalkova, Nikolaj Dimitrov, Martin Hristov, Alyna Petrov,
Martin Petrov, Aglika Genova, Galina Mateva, Vladislav Matev, Bonka Todorova,
Stefan Stefanoff, Elka Stefanoff, Vasil Stefanoff, Stefka Stefanoff [most charming
group nomination], Professor Kurt Lehovec [most comprehensive nomination],
Vesselin Tonchev, Lina Battestilli, Teodora Tosheva, Veselin Toshev, Marin
Toshev, Mimi Tosheva, Tedy Petrov, Martin Petrov, Alina Petrov, family Dimitrovi,
family Marinovi,, Dr. Lolita Nikolova, Tsvetomira Vasileva,
Slavka Vasileva, Krasimir Vasilev, Nikolay Vasilev, Tsvetan Tronkov, Raycho
Lazarov, Mary Toneva, Lilyana Hristozova, Vesselka Koukova, Silvia Popova,
Professor Raycho Lazarov, Professor Boyan Dimitrov, American-Bulgarian
association Inc, Chicago [most comprehensive group nominations), Diana
Cholakova (most charming individual and group nominations), Diana Koprinkova,
Plamen Dimitrov,
Elena Natcheva-Lafazanova and Krastyu Lafazanov (nominated
by IAA for original websites), Maya Kouzmanov, Professor Nikola Charakchiev,
Ivan Uzunov, Filip & Tanya Babalievsky (Verona, New Jersey),
Daniela i Lyuben
Nikolovi, Gita Minkova, Veselin Kolev, Hritstina Iotsova, Tony Panayotov, Didi
Panayotova, Viara Gerbova, Elena Komitova, Rasho Donchev, Desi Koleva, Ilcho
Gerbev, Donislav Bashaev, Rumiana Naumova, Doncho Donchev, Elena
Komitova, Miriana Tzvetanova, Nikolay Dobrev (Munich, Germany), Luben Nikolov,
Daniela Todorova, Radi Minchev, Miglena Spiridonova, Silvia Bashaeva, Asen
Petrov, Slavka Keremidchieva, Kamelia Petrova, Hristo Mandev, Cvetomira
Vasileva, Liuben Petrov, Dimitar Christozov, Plamen Dimitrov, Liliana Hristozova,
Christina Christova, Emil Lakov, Peter Stamatov, etc.


We kindly ask you to submit additional information for personal websites at www. of all nominated.

2007 copyrights International Institute of Anthropology

Science, technology and social life

Business and social life
Society and education
Literature, journalism and social life
Art performance and education
Classical Music
Pop music
Everyday life
Other nominated
Special Certificates of the
International Institute of Anthropology